Recon has set up local partnership companies with municipal administration to provide intellectual information management platform for tourism services. In major cities, by collecting and analyzing data and information from 'big data' platform, these companies match tourism resources with travelers’ demand and offer all-in one service, which helped build an attractive tourism branding and create a sustainable consumption growth. Intelligent Tourism Project in SanYa, one of the most famous tourism cities, has been considered as the applicable example to be promoted nationwide.

Recon maintains a long-term strategic partnership with Jiangxi Changyun (SH. 600561), China CYTS Tours (SH.600138), Guilin Tourism (SZ000978), Jinggangshan Tourism and Jiuzhaigou Tourims.

Recon enters the Sports and leisure culture industry recently, with investment of influential projects in progress.

RECON also works on healthy lifestyle and culture industry through business in sports, entertainment and tourism. RECON’s acquisition of Aston Villa Football club connects healthy living and leisure industry. Recon is promoting healthy body and healthy minds through the spirit of sports. On the other hand, RECON is also building a football theme park with the global popularity and fan clubs of AstonVilla, developing sports tourism and related healthy food industry, to integrate the different business sectors of itself.

On the other hand, RECON also has set up local partnership companies with local authorities to provide smart tourism programs including intellectual tourist information management platform. By collecting and analyzing data and information, these companies allocate tourism resources according to demand of tourists and offer all-in one service. The smart programs helped build attractive tourism branding and created sustainable consumption growth.