RECON stresses a collaboration-oriented corporate culture and is committed to exploring and improving a more interactive, more efficient, and more streamlined business management model. RECON believes that effective team collaboration can maximize the value of individuals, technological tools and other resources. Whether you are a senior industry expert or a professional novice, RECON emphasizes teamwork, multi-disciplinary communication and multi-cultural integration. People at RECON firmly believe that “common goals lead to common action” and perfectly combine experts’ expertise with the team spirit of co-creation. 


RECON encourages every team member to be an independent thinker and has gradually formed the organizational endowment of “integration and creation”. In addition, with a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team, RECON China has developed the methods and philosophy to make continuous progress via innovation and evolution. RECON is leading industry trends and direction by expanding its consulting services and tapping its professional potential. For example, leading the “green and sustainable development” trend, RECON has introduced more diversified and extensive content and elements, such as low-carbon analysis, green operations, and maintenance planning. We believe that a continued passion, an open mind and “empathy implants” are essential factors for professional success.


RECON considers integrity, honesty and morality as the basic standards of talent evaluation and hopes to win the trust and respect of business partners with its professional commitment. RECON requires all employees to be responsible and dedicated in the provision of consulting services. Besides meeting customers’ technical standards and requirements in the implementation of complicated projects, RECON’s employees are also ready to satisfy any reasonable demand that our customers make from different perspectives. RECON hopes to fulfill its commitments to customers, employees, and the community through the continuous integration of resources. RECON believes that the decisive factor of success in the world not lies in who is the most powerful or most intelligent, but who is the most willing to accept changes in a responsible manner.